Shadows of the Moon

The Great Escape

5th of Nightal, 1480

The residents of Cell 13 had been waiting for months for their chance to get out. Ever since their failed attempt to rest the Zhentarum from the Dark Hold failed and they found themselves in the lightless cult dungeon they had dreamed of a day when they could breathe the free air again.

Dark Hold Dungeon

Through their close quarters the 4 prisoners got to know each other quite well. Rokar was a Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut, he was seeking to find a place in the world where he could perform good deeds and live his life unhindered. Raham was a Deva Invoker who had lost his memory in the battle for the Dark Hold. Thalkyr was a Drow Monk who was mostly a mystery to his fellows, though his age of 450 years made him quite interesting to Rokar and his interest in History. Finally there was the woman they all called ‘Tablet’, a Human Artificer and Purple Dragon whose knack with all things mechanical and magical made her very impersonal and some what of a mystery.

On the 5th of Nightal 1480, a mutual friend of the group, Pike the Dwarven Cleric of Selune, managed to slip them a note that simply read “Meet in Cell 3 after curfew.” The group waited that night till after the inspections were completed, the lock down finished and curfew implemented before daring their move.

Rokar listened for the sounds of approaching guards in the darkness as Tablet, with the assistance of Thalkyr, attempted to pick the lock. She deftly unlocked the rusted lock while Thalkyr, though helpful ended up being more of a distraction to the focused Artificer. Raham, Thalkyr and Rokar continued to listen and watch in the darkness as they made their way to Cell 3, unfortunately they managed to trip over every piece of rubble they could on the way making a lot of noise. They arrived with bodies and prides battered as the meeting began.

They discovered that the leader of the failed campaign, Swordcaptian Lorenzo Carmichael with 10 other prisoners. He explained to the group assembled that he had been notified of a rescue attempt authorized by the government, a band of Adventurers known as Alpha Kinaus Supreme was arriving the next day. Though they are only coming for him he is determined to get as many of the prisoners out as he can. He can’t let them in on the details; all he can tell them is to be ready around the same time tomorrow. The group returned to their cell and began the wait for their time to join the escape.

As the time came for the escape the residents of Cell 13 heard the sounds of fighting in a distant hall. Soon after Pike arrived, his arms full of weapons and other gadgets that might aid the prisoners in their escape. After tossing them the piles of weapons he warned them to stay back and with a mighty front kick, channeling the might of his goddess, he shattered the door, sending it flying off its hinges. After arming themselves they followed Pike to the rendezvous point.

On their way they happened upon a hastily built patrol of Workers and Guards. Their leader was quick to act, wildly firing a bolt towards the group. Tablet awaited her moment, doing her best to support the larger Dragonborn while, with out a thought, Raham called upon the power of the gods and unleashed a stream of lightning, frying the poor unwitting workers before they knew what hit them. The remaining workers avoided the Invoker like the plague and went after Pike who began hurling lances of light towards the guards. With his first attack Thalkyr finished off the remaining workers and charged boldly towards the remaining guards. As he approached however he was met with the full force of their halberds and in two might blows the Drow was felled. Seeing this Rokar hurled himself into the fray aided by the Artificers magic he was able to make the guards focus on him.

As the battle raged on Thalkyr was brought back into the fight and the party slowly whittled down their foes. As the guards dropped the party suffered their share of injuries, but ended up victorious. They quickly picked through the bodies to find useful items and armor before rushing off down the hall towards the rendezvous point.

They arrived to find the rest of their comrades worse for wear, most unable to continue the fight. The discovered the location was very defensible alcove that met with a window to the outside. A scout had arrived ahead of the rest of the Alpha Kinaus Supreme to let the prisoners know that the rest of the team was held up and that they would have to hold out as long as they could.

XP: 225 (Per PC)

GP: 15

Magic Items: None

Party Lvl: 1



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