Shadows of the Moon

A Forgotten Realms Adventure


Cormyr, a land beset by troubles and turmoil. Raiders, Orcs and Zhents roam the lands making travel dangerous. On the second Tenday of Kythorn in 1479 DR you were hired, with the rest of your party, to attempt to make the land safer. Along with a small band of Adventures, Purple Dragons, War Wizards and other Mercenaries you marched on the Darkhold. After a year long siege the conflict came to a head in a final climactic battle. You fought bravely but the superior numbers of the Zhentarum forces were too much. You and you’re friends were among the unlucky few who were captured. You were tortured, beaten and humiliated for half a year in a prison just outside the Darkhold. Then you got a message from an old friend…it is then where your story begins.


  • Forgotten Realms Players Guide (digital or physical)
  • Players Handbook 1
  • Printout or Book that covers class and race. The Handbook or Article that covers races or classes not found in PHB 1
  • A Level 1 Living Forgotten Realms Legal Character. They may have a General background or Specific LFR background. They may be from anywhere in the Realms even through the Campaign is centered in Cormyr.
  • (For first adventure only) Bring a character sheet with out any armor, weapons, equipment or gold. (After the first adventure) Standard 100 GP load out at 1st level.
  • (optional) Experience with FR

Shadows of the Moon

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