Shadows of the Moon

The Grand Exit

6th of Nightal, 1480 DR

As the party regroups at the rally point and are told they have to wait a few minutes before help arrives they begin to try and fortify their position. First Rokar and Thalkyr search the piles of rubble nearby for anything useful in shoring up the already hastily made walls. As the do this the group has an idea to extend the walls and create traps that would help better protect their position by creating choke points.

Thalkyr and Tablet first go off and being their prep for building and hiding the traps while Rokar and Raham set to work on extending the walls. In an impressive feat of strength both the bury Dragonborn and scrawny Deva heft hug amounts of rubble to continue to build up the defenses. the crafty Drow and Human also figure out two simple traps and hide them in rubble to lay in wait for any unsuspecting attacker. Just as they finish up the defenses the sounds of the guards were heard running down the corridors towards them.

As the first group of guards arrives at the barricades they are torn apart by the doom rain from the hands of the Deva Invoker. One of the guards decides its best to run away to fight another day while his commander presses the attack. As the Zhent Sergeant approaches more reinforcements arrive from the east as two guards with pole arms rush to the aid of the sergeant. They square off against Rokar and Thalkyr while Pike, Tablet and Raham play crowd control from a distance. As more and more of the guards arrive the situation quickly turns from bad to worse. Calling upon their last bit of strength the group turns the tide as the Warden arrived on scene.

The insane warden gave them the options to drop their weapons and become loyal and worthy soldiers in Netheril or Sembia. the party, being made up of mostly good characters, decided to give a counter offer to the mad warden, surrender or die. This prompted the Warden to attack blinding the Dragonborn and the remaining guards engaged in combat with the party. Though his luck quickly turned as a determined and enraged Thalkyr launched himself towards the lone spellcaster.

As the combat seemed to be coming to a head the wall behind the group exploded and out of the smoke charged three humans running full tilt towards the secondary reinforcements who were just arriving at the scene. After a few frantic minutes the party, the remaining living prisoners and the recently arrived Alpha Kinaus Supreme members slipped out of The Dark Hold and into the freedom of the day.



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