Shadows of the Moon

The Mistress of Shadows
6-15 of Nightal 1480

The group breathed their first breath of free air in 6 months in the snowy mountains around the Dark Hold. The discovered their rescuers were a small mercenary group from the East Rift lead by a battered former Human Sergeant named Suk-loo. Suk-loo, impressed by the groups ability to hold off the prison guards while under armored and under equipped, offered them their last contract in the area and an advance of 100 gold lions to get them back on their feet.

The group felt suspicious of this generosity from a known miser. The group suspected that Lorenzo and Pike were offering compensation for the mercenary upon their arrival in Suzial. They were harassed as they went from town and outpost heading towards the capital city because of their lack of a charter and peace bonds but through shrewd maneuvering and a very angry Suk-loo they managed to get through to the capital with out much incident.

When the group arrived in Suzial they each supplied themselves and relaxed for a day. There they were given a charter and proper peace bonds, becoming known as the Free Reapers Adventuring Company. The next day they headed out towards the city of Arabel where their contact, a disciple of Chauntea in the tavern called the Gilded Lady, was waiting.

They traveled through the King’s Forest on the suggestion of Pikeas it was much faster because the more direct route was beset by check points and other slow downs. The trip gave the Free Reapers a new sense of the area, discovering that the collection and burning of wood in the King’s Forest is highly illegal. After a few days of travel they arrived on the outskirts of arable, easily finding the tavern where they were supposed to meet the acolyte.

They entered to find the bar empty save for one patron in the corner and the tender who cheerfully gave them a round of drinks but was un able to tell them about their contact as he had not seen any acolytes in his bar for sometime. The Reapers settled in and waited for their contact to arrive and just as they got comfortable several mean looking humans arrived.

The leader had his lackies guard the doors as he and his two female brutes approached the lone patron. Rokar took it upon himself to be mediator for the conflict. Unfortunately the leader took little attention to Rokar’s please and after an exchange of words the leader grabbed the shirt collar of the other patron, causing his holy symbol to fall out into the open. Rokar immediately jumped to protect the patron but got triple teamed and knocked about the head dazing him.

Seeing their comrade in trouble Thalkyr, Tablet and Raham started attacking the group, Raham turning a few of the door guards to dust while drinking the last of his brew. Tablet unleashed her new hand crossbow with wicked efficency dealing a crushing shot to one of the female thugs. Thalkyr took on the leader remarking, “I will teach you to mess with the Free Reapers,” then proceeded to unleash a flurry of blows that bloodied the leader. He then turned and slipped away, dodging the opportunity attacks from the leaders female brutes. He moved up to Tablet in an attempt to protect her daring shot right in front of the two brutes guarding the back door. After a few more punishing blows from Thalkyr, Raham, Tablet and eventually Rokar the leader was slain and the remainder of the thugs ran.

Just after the thugs make their escape the town guard crashes into the bar and demand to know what is going on. Rokar attempts to explain everything and tells them of the thug that escaped, her description and her last whereabouts. The Bartender vouches for Rokars story and the guard leave.

The other patron thanks the Reapers and introduces himself as Gevarn, Acolyte of Chauntea. He explains that he has been waiting for representatives of the AKS. The Reapers explain that they are those representatives and Gervan is visable releaved. He explains that the thugs were probably hired by a cult of Shar that his mistress, Sister Linora, believed has infiltrated his town, a small town in the middle of the Thunder Peaks called Winterhaven.

As the Reapers press their contact for information he explains that the Cleric of Chauntea, Sister Linora, had a vision of darkness enveloping the city and Chauntea herself warning the sister of Shar’s infiltration. The Reapers ask Gevarn to accompany them back to the city and he initially refuses because he was tasked to get any and all the help he could get from the bustling city. He gives them instructions as to how to get to the city and bids them farewell.

The Reapers decide to spend the day and night in Arabel, resupplying and getting a full nights rest before heading off in the morning. When the awake they find Gervarn waiting for them outside of their rooms covered in vegetable remnants and covered in head to foot in dust, dirt and soot. He pathetically whimpered “They came after me again, they chased my through the market place. Can I come home with you?” The Reapers collectively rolled their eyes and accepted the weary acolyte.

After a few days of travel through the Thunder Peaks the Reapers came across some strange clawed tracks, Raham looked closely at them and discovered they were Kobold tracks. Gevarn swore he hadn’t seen any Kobolds on his way from Winterhaven so the tracks were fresh. Being very careful, the party continued.

As they continued up the road they managed to spot a lone Kobold on the side of the road, as they approached they heard a shriek and out popped a dozen Kobolds. The gaggle of Kobolds all wildly charged the Reapers tossing javelins and sling stones as they went. Though they did little damage their presence was felt as Rokar and Thalkyr went to work, Rokar showing off his new ability as he spit up a huge Ice ball and fired it into the gaggle of Kobolds causing many to exclaim their new understanding of why they didn’t attack Dragonborn. Thalkyr kept two, who charged in covering themselves with shields, at bay, trying to keep Tablet and Raham alive.

The Kobolds served to be more of a nuances then a threat. The only exception was an annoying slinger that dumped pots of flame upon the Reapers. Raham, seeing the Kobold slinger, decided that the slinger was a threat and unleashed his gods burning flame upon it, burning its soul in the process killing the small slinger in seconds. Tablet examined the flames in an attempt to learn the recipe for them but discovering she had already understood the arcane fire. After cleaning up the Kobold they pressed forward, reaching the Small town of Winterhaven the next day.

The Grand Exit
6th of Nightal, 1480 DR

As the party regroups at the rally point and are told they have to wait a few minutes before help arrives they begin to try and fortify their position. First Rokar and Thalkyr search the piles of rubble nearby for anything useful in shoring up the already hastily made walls. As the do this the group has an idea to extend the walls and create traps that would help better protect their position by creating choke points.

Thalkyr and Tablet first go off and being their prep for building and hiding the traps while Rokar and Raham set to work on extending the walls. In an impressive feat of strength both the bury Dragonborn and scrawny Deva heft hug amounts of rubble to continue to build up the defenses. the crafty Drow and Human also figure out two simple traps and hide them in rubble to lay in wait for any unsuspecting attacker. Just as they finish up the defenses the sounds of the guards were heard running down the corridors towards them.

As the first group of guards arrives at the barricades they are torn apart by the doom rain from the hands of the Deva Invoker. One of the guards decides its best to run away to fight another day while his commander presses the attack. As the Zhent Sergeant approaches more reinforcements arrive from the east as two guards with pole arms rush to the aid of the sergeant. They square off against Rokar and Thalkyr while Pike, Tablet and Raham play crowd control from a distance. As more and more of the guards arrive the situation quickly turns from bad to worse. Calling upon their last bit of strength the group turns the tide as the Warden arrived on scene.

The insane warden gave them the options to drop their weapons and become loyal and worthy soldiers in Netheril or Sembia. the party, being made up of mostly good characters, decided to give a counter offer to the mad warden, surrender or die. This prompted the Warden to attack blinding the Dragonborn and the remaining guards engaged in combat with the party. Though his luck quickly turned as a determined and enraged Thalkyr launched himself towards the lone spellcaster.

As the combat seemed to be coming to a head the wall behind the group exploded and out of the smoke charged three humans running full tilt towards the secondary reinforcements who were just arriving at the scene. After a few frantic minutes the party, the remaining living prisoners and the recently arrived Alpha Kinaus Supreme members slipped out of The Dark Hold and into the freedom of the day.

The Great Escape
5th of Nightal, 1480

The residents of Cell 13 had been waiting for months for their chance to get out. Ever since their failed attempt to rest the Zhentarum from the Dark Hold failed and they found themselves in the lightless cult dungeon they had dreamed of a day when they could breathe the free air again.

Dark Hold Dungeon

Through their close quarters the 4 prisoners got to know each other quite well. Rokar was a Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut, he was seeking to find a place in the world where he could perform good deeds and live his life unhindered. Raham was a Deva Invoker who had lost his memory in the battle for the Dark Hold. Thalkyr was a Drow Monk who was mostly a mystery to his fellows, though his age of 450 years made him quite interesting to Rokar and his interest in History. Finally there was the woman they all called ‘Tablet’, a Human Artificer and Purple Dragon whose knack with all things mechanical and magical made her very impersonal and some what of a mystery.

On the 5th of Nightal 1480, a mutual friend of the group, Pike the Dwarven Cleric of Selune, managed to slip them a note that simply read “Meet in Cell 3 after curfew.” The group waited that night till after the inspections were completed, the lock down finished and curfew implemented before daring their move.

Rokar listened for the sounds of approaching guards in the darkness as Tablet, with the assistance of Thalkyr, attempted to pick the lock. She deftly unlocked the rusted lock while Thalkyr, though helpful ended up being more of a distraction to the focused Artificer. Raham, Thalkyr and Rokar continued to listen and watch in the darkness as they made their way to Cell 3, unfortunately they managed to trip over every piece of rubble they could on the way making a lot of noise. They arrived with bodies and prides battered as the meeting began.

They discovered that the leader of the failed campaign, Swordcaptian Lorenzo Carmichael with 10 other prisoners. He explained to the group assembled that he had been notified of a rescue attempt authorized by the government, a band of Adventurers known as Alpha Kinaus Supreme was arriving the next day. Though they are only coming for him he is determined to get as many of the prisoners out as he can. He can’t let them in on the details; all he can tell them is to be ready around the same time tomorrow. The group returned to their cell and began the wait for their time to join the escape.

As the time came for the escape the residents of Cell 13 heard the sounds of fighting in a distant hall. Soon after Pike arrived, his arms full of weapons and other gadgets that might aid the prisoners in their escape. After tossing them the piles of weapons he warned them to stay back and with a mighty front kick, channeling the might of his goddess, he shattered the door, sending it flying off its hinges. After arming themselves they followed Pike to the rendezvous point.

On their way they happened upon a hastily built patrol of Workers and Guards. Their leader was quick to act, wildly firing a bolt towards the group. Tablet awaited her moment, doing her best to support the larger Dragonborn while, with out a thought, Raham called upon the power of the gods and unleashed a stream of lightning, frying the poor unwitting workers before they knew what hit them. The remaining workers avoided the Invoker like the plague and went after Pike who began hurling lances of light towards the guards. With his first attack Thalkyr finished off the remaining workers and charged boldly towards the remaining guards. As he approached however he was met with the full force of their halberds and in two might blows the Drow was felled. Seeing this Rokar hurled himself into the fray aided by the Artificers magic he was able to make the guards focus on him.

As the battle raged on Thalkyr was brought back into the fight and the party slowly whittled down their foes. As the guards dropped the party suffered their share of injuries, but ended up victorious. They quickly picked through the bodies to find useful items and armor before rushing off down the hall towards the rendezvous point.

They arrived to find the rest of their comrades worse for wear, most unable to continue the fight. The discovered the location was very defensible alcove that met with a window to the outside. A scout had arrived ahead of the rest of the Alpha Kinaus Supreme to let the prisoners know that the rest of the team was held up and that they would have to hold out as long as they could.

XP: 225 (Per PC)

GP: 15

Magic Items: None

Party Lvl: 1

Shadows of the Moon
The Adventures of...

5th of Nightal, 1480 DC

This morning finds us once again behind the bars of our captors and marks the 6th month of our incarceration. Our spirits are high, despite our condition. We maintain close ties to our fellow brothers and sisters whom we see daily during morning inspection. News of another batch of us being selected for another round of the wardens dark experiments has brought a few of us some terror as we hear the boots of the guards pass in the night. We did get a visit from a friend of ours today baring some good news hopefully. He has asked us to meet with him secretly to plan something. Hopefully the Swordcaptian has developed a means of escape but our hopes aren’t that high yet. We will see what he wants soon enough.



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