Blue Dragons


Blue dragon

The two score ships of the navy of Cormyr—known colloquially as the Blue Dragons—sails often out of Suzail, Teziir, and Palagarr (on the isle of Prespur) to patrol the Lake of Dragons, the Neck, and the waterways that lead into Cormyr’s domain. The Warden of the Port in Teziir, Duke Penfold Dauntinghorn, is considered the high commander of these forces, though he officially commands only the fifteen ships that dock in his home port.

All Cormyr’s warships are named after one of Cormyr’s past monarchs, such as Queen Gantharla. The sole exception is the Steel Princess, an ironclad named for Alusair Nacacia, who ruled Cormyr as regent during Azoun V’s youth.

The Blue Dragons have only three true ranks. The captain of a ship is its absolute lord and master, operating with impunity in any fashion except that which violates the ship’s standing orders. His lieutenant sees to the day-to-day operations on board the ship, including supply, rationing, and other sundry details. Every other Blue Dragon is a sailor with a specific role to perform (purser, yeoman, sailing master, boatswain, master-at-arms, and so on).

When the Alliance of Freesailors was formally disbanded in the Year of Lost Ships (1400 DRDR), ranks in the Imperial Navy swelled.

Blue Dragons

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