Cormyr is an independent nation in Interior Faerûn. It was historically one of the most prosperous countries of Faerûn. As of 1372 DR, the country is under threat from all sides and struggling to holding onto order. Nobles bicker over land rights, Sembian merchants and a Cult of the Dragon cell are trying to gain a trading foothold, and there is a Zhentarim presence. The city of Shade and the ruins of Myth Drannor both pose a threat. The country is feeling the effects of the recent Goblin War and the death of King Azoun IV. Bandits inhabit the roads and remnants of orc and goblin armies inhabit the forests. The town of Tilverton was destroyed in a battle against the Shadovar, leaving the strategically important northeast of the country open to raiders wishing to invade.

Adventuring is frowned upon without an official license, but adventurers could likely lend a tremendous amount of aid to the overstretched Cormyrian military. The kingdom has been known to offer land in exchange for services rendered to her country, so this is a place adventurers wanting to make a name for themselves tend to flock to.





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