Often referred to as the “Forest Kingdom”, Cormyr was once covered in thick forests. Due to commercial logging and clearing for farming, however, the once great forests are now restricted to the King’s Forest in the west, the Hullack Forest in the east and the relatively small Hermit’s Wood to the south between Wheloon and the Dragonmere. The Dragonmere, an expanse of water connected to the Sea of Fallen Stars, borders Cormyr to the south. The Storm Horns mountains form a boundary to the north and west of Cormyr, with the Thunder Peaks to the east. The Vast Swamp separates Cormyr from Sembia in the southeast. The Wyvernwater is a large lake in the middle of Cormyr. Cormyr itself is dotted with beacon towers, used to quickly relay messages across the land.

Map of Cormyr


Farsea Swamp

Hermit’s Wood

Hullack Forest

King’s Forest

Storm Horns

The Dark Hold

Thunder Peaks

Vast Swamp



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