Purple Dragons

A Kinight of the Purple Dragons


To enforce the royal word, Cormyr maintains a large standing army called the Purple Dragons. The force is named in memory of the adventuring band of the same name formed by Crown Prince Duar Obarskyr (thanks to legends of the dragon Thauglor) centuries past. p. Rank in the Purple Dragons from junior to most senior is as follows: Blade, Telsword, First Sword, Swordcaptain, Lionar, Ornrion, Constal, Oversword, Battlemaster, and Lord High Marshal. The Highknights are a handful of loyal, dedicated, dangerous Purple Dragons who serve the royal family as personal enforcers, spies, and envoys. p. The Purple Dragons possess no official uniform, though all soldiers are expected to meet certain expectations.

  • Each company has its own badge, representing the name or purpose of the company. In the rare event that a company has no official name or stated purpose (due to its direct service to a noble, in times of crisis or war, or when the company is garrisoned locally), the badge takes the form of a silver, shield-shaped brooch etched with the Purple Dragon.
  • Tabards can be worn over armor (or “warcoats”), but only in white, and then only with the Purple Dragon properly emblazoned on its front. Other colors are used by the personal bodyguards of the various nobles. Black tabards are never worn, even by Knights Royal.

Notable Purple Dragons
  • Swordcaptian Lorenzo Carmichael

Purple Dragons

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