War Wizards


A Cormyrian Swordmage

From the founding of the kingdom, mages have been important to Cormyr in warfare as well as other matters. Mages loyal to the crown sign an agreement with the king and make a secret oath, thus becoming War Wizards. These wizards are an integral component of Cormyr’s military, and they are respected and feared across the land.

As their leader, Ganrahast is both Royal Magician and Chairman of the College of War Wizards. The War Wizards have no internal rank or structure of note. There is only Ganrahast, his second, Vainrence, and everyone else. Vainrence is more war-minded than the Mage Royal, and he is pushing for the militarization of the College of War Wizards and the pressing of the Brotherhood into a more cohesive unit rather than an ever-shifting alliance of mages. Today the old guard of War Wizards now includes powerful swordmages, warlocks, and other spellcasters even the Netherese respect. Only Ganrahast knows the true numbers of the organization.

The Spellplague, royal sentiment, and intricately worded portions of the Suzail Writ have conspired to greatly limit the ability of War Wizards to magically monitor the thoughts and intentions of Cormyr’s citizenry. After a number of attempts resulted in the messy deaths of nobles and drooling feeblemindedness of the wizards involved, the Crown has banned the mind-reaming of any citizen of Cormyr, with the act punishable by death. The War Wizards still try to spy on everyone (even themselves, by mean of the alarphons, War Wizards who act as an internal police force), but today their methods are less invasive, and in truth, less effective.

War Wizards

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